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About the Artist

Photograph by Todd Balfour

Basket 16" tall Rust $400

I have been making pottery since 1969 when I stumbled into the ceramics studio at the University of Maryland. As a product of the 60's, I was intrigued as much by the medium as by the prospect of an alternate lifestyle. Almost immediately, the studio became my home, and by the end of that first year, I determined to pursue pots as my life's work.

The dynamic quality of wheel work made me a thrower, and functional clay became my focus. I loved the idea of pots for use-that something I made might become part of someone's everyday life.

Over the last 30+ years, I have also worked with larger, decorative pieces, exploring the very different statement that size can make. All of my work is of stoneware clay, high-fired in a gas reduction kiln.l. I exhibit through many fine galleries and juried craft shows. My work can be found in corporations and private collections both nationally and internationally.  I have given workshops at Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft, Canton Clayworks, Jacksonville University in Florida, and the University of Maryland.




Photograph by Todd Balfour

Footed Jar 13" tall Rust/Temmoku $500

Some of the shows I have participated in include:

St. Louis Art Show
ACC Rhinebeck
ACC Baltimore Winter
ACC St. Paul
ACC Charlotte
ACC Atlanta
Ann Arbor St. Art Show
State College, Pa
Evanston-American Craft Exposition
Lakefront in Milwaukee
57th St., Chicago
Long's Park